ORCHA are the worlds leading provider of health and care App reviews and assessment and digital activation solutions. We uniquely provide a comprehensive and dynamic monitoring of the fast paced and ever changing health and care app market. Our team includes experts from all aspects of the health and care App world and the combination of these skills and capabilities ensures that the ORCHA Review Process and Score is based on a fully rounded and rich analysis of each App.

We are part of NHS Englands National Innovation Accelerator programme and support many NHS and local government organisations to drive the uptake of digital health amongst their populations. We also support other organisations in the UK and further afield who wish to energise and activate their target audiences around the use of digital health solutions including, schools and universities, charities, pharmacies and major employers.

Our ORCHA Pro solutions empower health and care professionals to fully embrace the world of digital health and embed these solutions into their day to day clinical and professional practice. With thousands of Professionals already accessing these services we have gained a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that this raises.

ORCHA's ultimate vision is to revolutionise health and care provision through the full integration of digital health solutions into all aspects of health and care support and provision. We believe that digital health products are one of the major weapons in the fight that all advanced health systems face, to provide support for an ever ageing population with more complex long term conditions.

Our aim is to help remove the barriers that currently inhibit the true potential of digital health solutions and prevent the wider spread adoption of great products and services by end users, health and care professionals and health and care systems. In achieving this we also aim to create a new global market place dedicated to health and care Apps to ensure that a commercially sustainable foundation for this still nascent industry is established to support the creation of the next generation of health and care Apps and digital services that will truly revolutionise the world of health and care.