These awards support any stage of the translational research and development pathway, including the clinical development of laboratory-validated technologies or interventions. 

Funded activities are described here.

Award specifications:

  • A minimum of two organisations must be involved from either NHS Trust, HEI or SME.
  • Lead applicants must be based in England.
  • Projects may be up to three years in duration.
  • There is no upper funding limit, but costs must be fully justified.

As well as applications that fit our remit, PDA Call 16 also invites applications to the following Highlight Notices and Themed Calls:

Highlight Notices: 

  • 'Complex Health and Care Needs in Older People’. Relevant research areas include frailty, transitions in care, service delivery and models of care, medicines management/polypharmacy, promoting healthy ageing/preventing ill health and patient-centred decision making.
  • 'Brain Tumours'. This highlight notice indicates the continuing interest of NIHR in receiving research proposals in this area, and it encourages collaborative applications that demonstrate how they build on recent initiatives and investment in the area made by the NIHR, the MRC and other research funders

Themed Calls:

  • ‘Promotion of good mental health and the prevention or treatment of mental ill health’. Proposals are invited for clinical and applied health research that evaluate healthcare interventions, health services, social care or public health measures operating at either the individual, or the population level. Issues of particular interest include proposals that utilise new digital health technologies or investigate their effects.

For further details of Highlight Notices/Themed Calls please click here

Please note that the PDA 16 researcher led call is open to all relevant research areas, and does not just include these Highlight Notices/Themed Calls. If your application falls under these Highlight Notices/Themed Calls, please indicate this in the application form in Section 6, Question 1 (What is the problem being addressed?).


Product Development Awards Call 18 Dates

Stage 1
Stage 2 (if invited)
Competition launch
24 April 2019 (9am)
31 July 2019 (9am)
Submission deadline
05 June 2019 (1pm)
25 September 2019 (1pm)
Submission outcome
July 2019
December 2019 (earliest)